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Puerto Rico: Zip lining, Tarpon Fishing & a Wedding

Although Summer was officially over in September, I wasn’t quite ready.  Back pack in hand (if you read previous posts, you’ll notice a theme) Jen & I headed to Puerto Rico. Don’t you love it when you can visit family that lives in a tropical climate?! 🙂

I  like adventure but not necessarily something that’s going to kill me.  We opted for zip lining at Toro Verde Adventure Park in Orocovis, Puerto Rico. The drive was amazing.  Think long winding roads up a mountain into lush vegetation. 

Toro Verde Nature Adventure ParkAt Toro Verde, the zip lines in this course range from 800 feet to 2526 feet long. That is almost a ½ mile long! And the view you get at 600 feet off the ground is breath-taking — or maybe your breath will be taken away by being that far off the ground!

We added the “La Bestia” literally translated “The Beast” to our tour.  This zip line is different from all the others. For this one, you are put into a large body harness, and you lay down and get attached to the cables from your back. So you are flying through the air like a bird (or Superman or Ironman). As far as I know, it is the only one of its kind like this in Puerto Rico.

At 4745 feet, it is almost a mile long (one of the longest zip lines in the world) and it is really, really high off the ground (853 feet)! This zip line takes about 2 minutes from end to end, and you are going pretty fast during parts of it — with the wind whipping across your face (hang onto your hats and sunglasses). You have time to really enjoy the scenery. It was really fun, and over way too fast — I could have done that again and again.

Since I love to fish, no trip to the Caribbean would be complete without tarpon.  For the majority of the trip they eluded me however on my last day, 3 hours before my flight left, my persistence paid off.   This little guy jumped at least 4 to 5 feet in the air.

All in all a great trip.  Summer is officially over but now it’s time for some fall fun.  Salmon fishing in upstate New York is next.  I’ll be sure to send some pics.

P.S. – Click here for a few more pics!
P.S.S. – For those of you that love the outdoors, I highly recommend Krux shorts & Keen sandals. They’re both WELL worth it.

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